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Algorithm functioning of system with angular correction of the land mobile antenna, synthesized on the basis of systems with random change of structure


S.N. Danilov – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), associate professor, professor of a radio engineering, Tambov State Technical University. E-mail: J.N. Panasjuk – Ph.D. (Eng.), associate professor, assistant professor of a radio engineering, Tambov State Technical University. E-mail: A.P. Pudovkin – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), the professor managing chair of a radio engineering, Tambov State Technical University. E-mail:

To solve a problem of high-precision maintenance of the spacecraft including in the conditions of hindrances on lateral petals of the directional pattern of the antenna possibly by use of adaptive watching measuring instruments in which depending on a situation various combinations of models of watching filters can be used. For ensuring rather high precision of extrapolation of angular coordinates the system of the differential equations, corresponding to a movement hypothesis with a constant angular speed is accepted. For the accounting of fast relative angular movements for the account of sharp fluctuation of a platform at its movement on the rough plane it is possible to use model with an expanded strip. The received algorithm demands to execute the following calculations on each step: to calculate the first two conditional moments of phase coordinates, conditional nonviscous and kovariatsionny matrixes of a single-step prediction of a vector of supervision; to calculate conditional partsialny estimates and the corresponding kovariatsionny matrixes; to calculate aposteriorny probabilities of numbers of structure of system; to define an unconditional assessment and the corresponding kovariatsionny matrix of an error of estimation of a vector of phase coordinates. It is possible to construct the simplified algorithm on the basis of the same two models. The algorithm constructed on the basis of two models by methods of the theory of systems with casual structure and simplified algorithm, give almost coinciding estimates. It is caused by existence of models with the various characteristics, considering various types of change of the estimated parameter.

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