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The pass-band filter with adjustable parameters for the registration ECG signals in extended frequency range


T.V. Sergeev – Master of «Biomedical Engineering», senior lecturer of medical electronics department, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI). E-mail:

One of the tasks solved within a method of an electrocardiography of ultrahigh permission is the expansion of amplitude-frequency range of registration and processing of electrocardiosignals (ECS) in comparison with a standard method of an electrocardiography. Achievement of such parameters of registration and processing ECS connected with application of high-digit ADC and performance of a condition of effective using of their dynamic range (DR). The necessity of more specific frequency division in the field of low-amplitude HF-components ECS was revealed. The purpose of this work was the development of the analog strip filter (SF) with the adjustable amplitude-frequency characteristic, namely with the possibility of independent reorganization of the central frequency and pass-band, constancy of other key parameters of the filter must be remained. From existing technical solutions the most suitable for the solution of an objective is the universal filter having, however, it has a number of shortcomings. The way of compensation of influence of change of good quality was developed for their overcoming on coefficient of transfer of the filter at preservation of possibility of independent adjustment of resonant frequency. The approach consisting in special formation of additional feedback between an entrance and an exit of the filter without change of its structure was used. Thus, thanks to providing the greatest possible DR of registration and processing ECS in the HF-channel, by using of an adjustable frequency selective filtration, at further secondary digital processing of signals the ECS information and significant components in HF-area can be allocated, time localization concerning R-waves and other characteristic points ECS is defined; values of amplitude and frequency parameters were calculated.

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