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Distributed automated health monitoring system


А.E. Pikhlak, W.A. Sarukhanov, A.M. Nosovsky, V.A. Logachev, I.A. Lisenkov, A.V. Shuvalov, N.A. Mutyeva

Designed distributed system of health monitoring allows us to solve the problem of long-term patient care. The system is based on client-server architecture with a dedicated central server. Client’s workplaces are of two types, designed for the doctor and the patient, are implemented on the basis of the secure microcomputer µPC. Client’s workplaces are used to store information and then transfer it to a central database via a VPN-connection. The public networks are used for the data transmission. µPC does all processing and all programs are running inside its memory while external PC is used only for information input and output through a virtual window thus ensuring security of both systems and lack of unauthorized interaction between them. Dedicated area of non-volatile memory of µPC can collect the necessary information for the further transfer it to a central database. Each microcomputer has a unique hardware key. Unique hardware key is intended to identify the user of µPC in the system and is used as a private digital signature to protect electronic documents. µPC connected to a desktop PC, initializes a secure connection to the central database and synchronizes data under its non-volatile memory to the data in a central database. This allows to sync data from the doctor’s µPC and a patient’s µPC, which can provide in real-time the data of the status of the patient and make possible to long-term monitor the dynamics of medical condition.

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