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Operating H11-mode of oversized circular waveguide in interference microwave switches


S.N. Artemenko, V.A. Avgustinovich, Yu.G. Yushkov, S.A. Novikov

The switched wave was the 0,5 GW power H11 mode in a circular oversized waveguide of a S-band microwave interference switch Switching occurred by the microwave discharge plasma formed in a quartz tube. Dynamics of power distribution between transmitted , reflected and absorbed waves in the waveguide with possible operating H11 and E01 modes during the switching in nitrogen and argon is determined. The conditions for effective operation of the microwave switch mode of a regular waveguide with beyond-cutoff frequencies for H01 – and E11 modes are settled. Data concerning switching in the H-tee switch with the transmission-type cavity are obtained. If was shown these switches used in S-band microwave resonant compressors will allow to produce steady nanosecond pulses having the peak power up to 1 GW. PACS: 84.40.-x, 07.57.Hm

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