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Investigation of efficiency of microwave heating of chemical substances samples in single-mode resonator cavity


V.V. Komarov, A.A. Dovgan

Microwave energy is widely utilized nowadays in such scientific spheres as physical chemistry, microbiology, material science, electromagnetic compatibility and etc. Single-mode and multi-mode microwave chambers of different shape with usual operating frequency 2,45 GHz are used for investigation of processes of electromagnetic waves interaction with solid and liquid media. All single-mode applicators of such type are intended for exposition of one sample with microwave power. Design of the single-mode chamber for heating several samples of chemical substances is proposed in present work. Modified re-entrant cavity has been chosen as a basic unit of microwave heating system and it allows decreasing the aspect ratio sizes of the cavity at operating frequency 915 MHz and increasing uniformity of heat release in the samples. The dominant mode of the resonator is excited with the help of the inductance probe. Electromagnetic and thermal fields inside resonator and return loss characteristics for three liquid substances were studied using numerical models on the finite element method and finite difference time domain method.

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