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Shaping the mathematical models semiconductor instrument for analysis of robustness of the electronic schemes


A.V. Bondarev

In problems of mathematical modeling of processes of measurement, processing and management essential value has research of ability of electronic devices to keep the characteristics in the conditions of intensive external and internal indignations. In article questions of introduction of new opportunities in structure of software of system of the automated design of electronic schemes which will allow to make further researches of a robastnost of projected products at a stage of circuitry design are considered. On the basis of new opportunities the problem of development of a special component of software for creation of models of electronic devices taking into account dispersion of their parameters and characteristics in the set range is considered. The software is formed for the certain basic set of elements accepted in the corresponding system of the automated design. Models of linear and nonlinear elements in final increments for a universal basic set including are under construction: the linear and nonlinear resistor, linear and nonlinear capacity, the linear and nonlinear inductance, independent sources of current and tension, dependent (operated) sources – the source of current operated by current or tension, and the source of tension operated by tension or current. In the conclusion it is offered to create a special subsystem of system of the automated design which basis will be made by the offered set of Basic Elements in deviations. Thus universal character of an offered technique allows to build up generalized schemes in increments both for separate modules and knots, and for the projected scheme as a whole.

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May 29, 2020

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