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The formation of a test signal with a simulation of a moving dot goals for a radar sensor with continuous radiation


A.N. Detkov, S.I. Zherebtsov, I.A. Makarov

The most difficult problem when the modelling of airborne continuous wave frequency modulation (CWFM) sensors is the formation of a test signal to reflect adequately the physical processes during accompanied by a moving target. Feature CWFM radiation probing signals with linear frequency modulation (LFM), which must be taken into account when modeling is that when accompanied by a moving target is measured by the «dummy» distance to it is defined as the delay of the probing signal on the highway «CWFM sensors – purpose» and Doppler shift of the frequency of the beating. Thus, in the article was given the task of synthesis algorithm form of a test signal imitating the output frequency-dependent part of the CWFM radiation response from the moving dot goals irradiation of its excitation signal with sawtooth LFM, subject to strict accounting Doppler-shift frequency beating. In the analytical form solved the problem of phase-frequency relations formed samples of the test signal CWFM radiation to simulate a moving target. The effectiveness and adequacy of the proposed algorithm of formation of the test signal is confirmed by the results of simulation modeling. Any impacts – amplitude, interfering and equipment on the test tone can be superimposed on already finished a test implementation in any combination, depending on the particular purpose of the simulation. If necessary, the presented model can be expanded further to include other factors impact on the generated test signal, for example, change of amplitude of the signal associated with dependence on: range to the target, effective dispersion surface targets and the characteristics of the antenna pattern. The proposed model signals beating is universal and applies in acousto - and sonar, and can also be used for calculation of basic functions in the process of synthesizing the aperture of the antenna in the SAR with continuous radiation.

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