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Amplitude-phase synthesis net of beams of the antenna array for passive location system


S.E. Mishchenko, S.А. Shelkoplyasov

Currently, the monitoring of radio-emitting objects, are widely used passive radar system, which in contrast to the active radar systems do not alter the electromagnetic environment in the placement. For the purpose of the parallel review of space in the composition of such systems should be used multibeam antenna arrays, which not only provide welcome, but also allow us to determine the angular coordinates of radio sources. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the identity of the origin of formed beams. In this connection there is an urgent task of forming a uniform grid of rays array of passive location. To solve this problem a method of amplitude-phase synthesis of antenna array for a given amplitude pattern. This method is based on the iterative procedure of the gradient approximation to the extreme goal function. It is shown that in the absence of additional restrictions gradient procedure can be greatly simplified, which provides a high rate of synthesis. However, the proposed approach does not control the quality of design problems in a given spatial sector angles. To overcome this drawback the final amplitude-phase distribution is the sum of two solutions: I found using fast gradient procedure of amplitude-phase synthesis and solution to provide a specified pattern formation in a limited range of angles. The coefficient of proportionality between the solutions is found by solving the system of equations. The numerical studies have shown that the construction of a grid of rays required solution for most of the antenna field of view can be found using the accelerated method of synthesis of the antenna array. Representation of the desired solution as a superposition appropriate to carry on the edge of the sector scan. Application of the developed method of synthesis for the construction of a grid system of rays AP passive location allowed: 1) to reduce the total number of points from 53 to 43, which will increase the processing speed by 20%; 2) to construct a uniform grid of the beams along the angular coordinate with constant gain antenna; 3) reduce the level of the lateral lobe of AR to –19...–25 dB, which is 6–12 dB lower than equal amplitude summing the signals in the receiving AR; 4) to provide the identity of direction-finding performance in the whole field of view.

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