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Antiblinding optics for led lighting devices


A.N. Aleksahin, S.V. Podmazov, I.E.Protsenko, M.Y. Saygin, S.V.Fedorovich

In present work we suggest lighting panel of LED with butt emission entry of new type – in the form of, so-called, gradient fiber former – GFF. Purpose of employment of such lighting panel of LED is concluded in decreasing of blinding impact of LEDs during forming of demanding curve of light strength and saving high performance. GFF panel, in simple case represents a flat wedge. Principle of operation of such system represents here. Brightness of source image forming by GFF appears essentially lower than brightness of initial LED. Also GFF allows to decrease “intrinsic” (i.e. without losses on entire emission) losses in GFF to 2%. It is represented accounts of estimation of photo-biological safety factor of GFF lamp. This approach is established on experimental data and international safety standards. It follows, what lamp with GFF present no thermal risk for amphiblestrodes with reserve around 1.5 orders on emitting light flux. It is shortly described practical elaborations and their advantages, providing in the context of governmental contract №14.527.11.0002 – GFF lamps for highway (class A) and using own resources – GFF lamps for lighting of park, street and near home territories (class B).

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