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Synthesis of a quasideterministic model of interference signal of electrostatic sensor at a flight near a power transmission line


S.P. Klepka, G.L. Pavlov, A.E. Lastoveckiy

The article is the first to consider the interference of electrostatic sensor that occur at a flight near power lines. One of the main factors that determine the accuracy and the effectiveness of short-range electrostatic location systems (SREL), is the presence and level of interfering electric fields generated by various natural and artificial sources. Among the industrial sources of strong electric fields are overhead transmission lines of high and extra-high voltage, the field strength near which can reach up to 20 kV/m. As the global growth of the electric network density, the probability of hitting SREL systems into the range of the power lines electric fields, and the appearance of interfering signals at the output of the electrostatic sensor is increases. A general technique is proposed for constructing a mathematical model of interfering signal, that occur at a flight near the overhead power lines. It is shown that the interfering signal can be represented in the form of a quasideterministic non-stationary (by variance) random process, defined by the superposition of N amplitude-modulated waves with the same carrier frequency of 50 Hz, but different initial phase and amplitude envelopes, where N is the number of wires at the power line. It is proved that the mathematical expectation of such process does not depend on the design of transmission lines and kinematics parameters of the movement of the base object, and is identically equal to zero. Found that the spectral width of the interference signal is proportional to the speed of the base object. The proposed model can be used for the synthesis and testing of noise-immune signal processing algorithms, as well as for risk estimation of power transmission lines, depending on the voltage class.

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May 29, 2020

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