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Estimation of the visual susceptibility images operator workstation in real-time systems


O.N. Andreeva, A.V. Brunova

The subject of the study was the ergonomic layout of the graphic information on the monitor screen. It performed a study on the perception and recognition time, elements of the image in various areas of the display. The results showed that the location of the image in certain key points of the screen ensuring the most effective reading information. The basic indicators of the quality of visual perception and reaction of a person: the field of view, the accuracy of identification characteristics of the process of eye movements during scanning. These indicators have been used in the work when building a visual interface. The main thing is ensuring consistency in the flow of external information and the ability of the operator for its processing in modern systems man-machine control of the ship, different mode of operation in «hard» real-time. For optimization of conditions of work of the human operator is required to develop ways for the effective presentation of information according to its spatial location. These problems are particularly relevant when designing workstation and for developing computer programs that need to be designed with a different kind of didactic, methodical and psychological data. In most cases, the software developers do not have the necessary psychological knowledge about the features of course of cognitive processes (perception, discernment, identification, classification, storage). To date the design of many computer programs are implemented mainly at the level of intuition about the best forms of information. The task of experimental research set out in this paper, consists in the quantitative study of the effectiveness perception of text and graphic information in the Central and peripheral areas of the screen, in a study threshold times, the presentation of test shapes required for their full identification and compilation of a database on which relies the final method of constructing the workstation ergonomics.

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