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To the question about quantum calculations on artificial and collective neural structures


V.I. Bodyakin, I.V. Stepanyan, V.D. Tsigankov

Simulation based on semantic and virtual neural structures of some properties of the psychics (auto structurisation, auto caricaturisation) and revealed correlation function of these structures with the properties of quantum systems (reduction of identification) suggests a more detailed analysis of their correlations with the aim of understanding and modeling capabilities of quantum computation. The task of building a super-computing devicess is actual. Our goal is to demonstrate the properties of quantum computing on structures of neural networks as promising computing devices, with the aim of understanding and modeling capabilities of quantum computers. Computational processes are analyzed in neural semantic structures compared with information processing in quantum computers. The developed computer information management system based on neural structures, like the quantum calculator, can significantly reduce the requirements for the number of computational operations required to solve the problem. This analogy was the starting point for analyzing the properties of "quantum computing" on artificial neural structures. The development of quantum information processing devices is a new and rapidly developing field of nanotechnology. There are not principal obstacles to realization of the quantum computer. However, it is necessary to satisfy almost incompatible demands: isolation and selective sensitivity of both q-bits.The solution to stability of quantum computation is a hybrid system that combines classical and quantum principles. The challenge to build a quantum computer some authors estimate a solution to the problem of thermonuclear fusion. And here neural interpretation of some properties of quantum computation can be very useful. Besides, being macro system, neural semantic structures may be the basis of hybrid quantum computer. The evolution of virtual states of neural computer “Embryo” is demonstrated. By analogy with the Psi-function, the total probability of impulses of all neurons at each generalized step is equal to 1. The analogy of the dynamical process in the past and future cones of Minkowski space, which reflects the relationship between cause and effect with cosmological models was shown. The dynamics coherent states of the evolution of virtual neural network shown in the demonstrative algebraic transformations performed by the virtual neural computer, as an analogue of quantum computer.

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