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Ferrite-filled microstrip transmission lines and magnet-controlled generators on microwave diodes


I.N. Antonov, I.N. Kabanov, A.G. Lavkin, V.P. Meschanov

The paper presents the results of investigations of microwave diode generator realized on ferrite-filled microstrip transmission lines and controlled by external uniform and local magnetic fields. The introduction of a local nonuniformity, produced by the magnetic field to the microstrip transmission line, creates the conditions for existing of the addition resonator. The relations between main and addition resonators as well as a kind of coupling defines the operation mode of the generator and allows to provide an effective control of spectral characteristics and output power of the generator. Obtained frequency tuning band of the generator is up to 20 %, and output power control is within 10 dB range while the magnetic field strength does not exceed 2000 G. In more complex cases, e.g. at the interaction between the oscillatory circuits in the system of coupled generators with two microwave diodes, one can observe complex essentially unstable dynamics that is transformed to a stochastic (noise-type) mode at the definite relation between the parameters of the generators.

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