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Multisignal phase-locked loop system to increase immunity for GNSS receivers


V.N. Kharisov, A.A. Kushnir

In operation synthesis of optimum algorithm of multisignal PLL for SRNS and synthesis of quasioptimum algorithm of MPLL is provided. Possibility of essential simplification of calculation of coefficients of the expanded filter of Kalman on the basis of communication of the decided task with simpler – the «conjugate» task is shown. Its introduction, allowed to transfer to Rikkati’s equation for a vector where communication (a structure essence) errors of estimation of phases of signals from a matrix of direction cosines is obvious. Besides, such approach will allow to reduce dimensionality of correlation matrix of errors of filtering that can significantly affect time of obtaining the decision for a large number of at the same time accepted signals. Skeleton diagrams of the synthesized algorithms are received. Results of simulation of the synthesized MPLL system, jammer capability showing increase, in comparison with independent in proportion to increase in number of signals are given. MPLL steadily works even in case of miss of one or several signals for a while to tens seconds that is confirmed by results of simulation modeling.

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