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Synthesis and analysis of non coherent delay tracking algorithm for pilot component L1OC GLONASS signal


A.I. Perov, E.V. Zaharova, I.V. Korogodin, A.A. Perov

Perspective signals for GLONASS satellite navigation system with code division are two-components and include pilot and data components. This components have different modulation type and are integrated in single signal using bit time multiplexing method. The pilot component is assigned only for navigation definitions. In the article synthesis of non coherent time delay tracking algorithm for pilot component L1OC GLONASS signal is performed. For this there is used complementary variable method. There is obtained formula for a complex time delay discriminator. Discriminatory characteristic is calculated for this discriminator. It is shown that aperture of this discriminatory characteristic is the same as for time delay discriminator constructed for receiving signal with BPSK(1) modulation.

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May 29, 2020

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