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Providing the required heating mode of sheet termoparametric materials in microwave conveying cross-type chamber


V.A. Kolomejcev, A.E. Semenov, D.N. Nikuiko, A.F. Hamidullin

The conveying cross-type chamber, which made on basis of waveguides of complex cross-sections (WCCS) and have high values of broadband coefficient, concentration and homogeneity of the electric field in the gap capacity, permit to execute an even heating sheet termoparametric materials, electrical and thermal parameters are changed during the heating process. One of the main tasks of calculating optimum heating of termoparametric material in the conveying microwave heating chambers is a determination speed of the sheet material feed, at which the desired heating temperature at the output of the working chamber (WC) for a given level of input microwave power in WC. Determination of the temperature distribution in the capacitor gap WC is a complex task enough, because it is based on the solution of the nonlinear internal boundary problem (IBP) electrodynamics and thermal conductivity. Because of the nonlinearity and the interconnectedness of the Helmholtz and the thermal conductivity equations and the dependence of electrical and thermal parameters of temperature, the IBP solution can only be found by approximate methods. In this paper we propose a method for solving nonlinear boundary problem electrodynamics and thermal conductivity, which is based on the linearization of temperature function physical state of termoparametric material and determining the temperature range in which the desired function can be quite accurately approximated by a straight line segment. The proposed method allows to determine the characteristic parameters of the heat treatment process of sheet materials in the conveying cross-type chamber, the physical properties of which change during the heating process, and optimize the process of heat treatment.

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