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The surface treatment of the medical appointment materials in electrolytes suspensions. Pt. 3


A.M. Borisov, B.L. Krit, V.B. Ludin, N.V. Morozova, I.V. Suminov, D.I. Tsyganov, A.V. Apelfeld, N.L. Semenova

Final part of the publications review devoted to microarc discharge oxidizing (MDO) in electrolytes-suspensions in relation to objects of medical appointment. The estimates of morphological parameters of the surfaces modified in electrolytes-suspensions and also data of the modified surfaces researches by electronic microscopy, the EDS-analysis, potential-dynamics polarizing tests are given. Experience of corrosion resistance increase of implants from magnesium alloys by formation on them a porous MDO-layer and the subsequent saturation it with the TiO2 sol-gel covering is described. Results of the researches carried out by authors concerning of ultradisperse diamond powders (UDA) additives to silicate and alkaline electrolytes influence on characteristics of MDO-coverings are presented. This modifying is capable to expand essentially borders of application of metals and alloys in medicine, biology, technologies of live systems.

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