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Algorithms for parametric synthesis signal demodulator with a corner modulation using matching devices on jet elements max lumped


A.A. Golovkov, D.A. Makarov

The algorithms of parametric synthesis of amplifiers and demodulators angle-modulated signals by providing the slope of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the device with a given slope in the interests of the transformation angle-modulated signals in the amplitude-modulated signals with angular modulation. The result obtained by the mathematical model the matching four-reactive as the optimum relationship between the elements of the transfer matrix for the case of using any number of linear and non-linear elements included on both sides of the quadripole. These relationships are used to form a system of algebraic equations whose solutions yielded mathematical expressions to determine the optimal dependency of reactive two-terminal resistance of the frequency for typical two-port circuits. Implementation of these characteristics carried switched by the quasi-optimal two-terminal in the form of multiple-loop systems, depending on the frequency of resistance which coincide with the optimum in a limited frequency band.
  1. Golovkov A.A., Makarov D.A. Algoritmy' parametricheskogo sinteza demodulyatorov signalov s uglovoj modulyacziej pri ispol'zovanii soglasuyushhix ustrojstv na rezistivny'x e'lementax s sosredotochenny'mi parametrami // Nelinejny'j mir. 2013. T. 11. №6. S. 401-404.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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