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Algorithms for parametric synthesis of amplitude-phase modulators using matching circuits for resistive elements lumped


A.A. Golovkov, D.A. Makarov

The algorithms of parametric synthesis of amplifiers and phase-amplitude modulators by providing specified dependencies required for the modules and the phase difference of the transfer functions in the two states on the frequency. The result obtained by the mathematical model of the matching resistor as a quadrupole-imosvyazey optimal interaction between the elements of the transmission matrix mathematical models and matching reactive two-terminal devices in the form of their dependencies resistance versus frequency for the case of using any number of linear and non-linear elements included on both sides of matching the four-resistor. These relationships are used to form a system of algebraic equations whose solutions yielded mathematical expressions to determine the optimal values of two-terminal resistive impedance of Interconnection of two-. To implement the optimal frequency characteristics of jet-ports algorithm determining the parameters of quasi-two-terminal devices in the form of multiple-loop systems, depending on the frequency of resistance which coincide with the optimum in a limited frequency band. It is proved that the maximum achievable performance modulators are defined by so-called non-linear qualities of the elements, which are measures of differences of complex parameters for a specific part of the circuit containing a nonlinear element and a feedback loop in the two states.
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