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Mathematical and circuit simulation of the amplitude and phase modulators using reactive matching device with serial connection pole nonlinear circuit element and feedback


A.A. Golovkov, A.V. Gostev

Formed and solved a system of algebraic equations which satisfy the criteria of a frequency dependence of the ratio of modules and the phase differences of the transfer functions of the amplitude and phase modulators in the two states defined by two levels of amplitude control signal. These units are different options to include pole nonlinear element and consistent current feedback as a whole in relation to the four-jet, for which as a result found the optimal relationship between the elements of the transmission matrix. These relationships are used to form the second algebraic equations whose solutions are possible to obtain mathematical expressions to determine the optimal dependency of reactive two-terminal resistance of the frequency for typical two-port circuits. The values of the parameters of quasi-two-terminal devices that provide real coincidence with optimal performance characteristics in a limited frequency band. It is shown that the frequency characteristics of the studied devices, resulting in the mathematical modeling of the system «Mathcad» and circuit simulation in the system «Orcad», are in satisfactory agreement.

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