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Smart Thermometer Technology: the method of monitoring of diseases and the device for its implementation


Yu.A. Tkachenko, Yu.P. Potekhina, M.V. Golovanova, R.A. Plokhov, I.E. Davydov, D.A.Golovachev

The Smart thermometer technology relates for diagnostic and monitoring of many diseases (inflammation, vascular and tumor) by measuring the temperature of body parts. The method of monitoring of diseases is based on the one-time entry of the image of an examined area with indicated on it points for temperature measurement in the computer memory. Further, repeated temperature measurements of the human body in respective to the indicated on the image points is performed during the monitoring period with saving of the temperature values in the computer memory. The temperature values obtained at the same points at different monitoring sessions are compared and the conclusion about pathologic process dynamics are formed on the basis of such comparison. The device for implementing the method comprises of allocated in one case: memory unit, display, photo camera, infrared sensor, the tool for providing the constant distance and the angle between the examined area of the human body and the infrared sensor, control buttons, power supply, communication module and computer, connected to the memory unit, display, infrared sensor, photo camera, wireless connection unit, control buttons, and power supply. Alternatively the device for implementing the method comprises of allocated in one case infrared sensor with power supply, control button, and the block of wire or wireless connection and connects to the device of receiving, processing, saving, and displaying of information, for example, personal computer with web camera, tablet computer, smartphone, mobile phone with photo camera, digital video recorder. The offered Smart thermometer technology allows to increase the accuracy of monitoring of a disease without participation of a specialist, simplify and cheapen obtaining of information on the course of a pathologic process and obtaining the conclusion on the effectiveness of treatment.

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