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Automated construction and visualization of 3D urban environment in simulation systems of large sizes


A.O. Khishchenko

Modeling of cities and other objects of environing terrain is one of the most laborious problems of 3D modeling. Regardless to goal 3D city modeling implies creating and arrangement of the entire complex of buildings in right places, environing objects of vegetation, creating streets and roads. At the present moment in most cases urban environing modeling is performed manually. In some cases it’s reasonable and quite acceptably but taking into account all advantages of this method like the most detailed modeling as close as possible to the original it has its main drawback: extremely high laboriousness. In the article the method is proposed allowing to reduce manual work maximally even at the expense of not total correspondence of resulting model and original. The technology offered is based on the analysis and recognition of objects on terrain maps. As long as on terrain maps unlike on satellite photos all objects are represented by monochromatic regions filled by pixels of colors defined in advance it’s possible to identify these regions to any object type and to build a 3D model using analysis result. Consequently in many projects in which environment plays secondary role of background of any processes and phenomena and there are no special requirements for it there will be no necessity in laborious manual modeling of such environment.


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May 29, 2020

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