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The surface treatment of the medical appointment materials in electrolytes suspensions. Pt. 2


A.M. Borisov, B.L. Krit, V.B. Ludin, N.V. Morozova, I.V. Suminov, D.I. Tsyganov, A.V. Apelfeld, N.L. Semenova

Continuation of the review of the publications devoted to using of electrolytic-plasma methods of microarc discharge oxidizing (MDO) coverings formation in electrolytes-suspensions in relation to objects of medical appointment. The main attention is given to coverings formation by the MDO method in the electrolytes-suspensions containing powders of various degree of dispersion (from nanometers to tens microns) and of the different nature (oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, graphite, etc.). Data on the nanocomposite coverings obtained by implantation into the MDO-covering of nanoparticles of silver during modifying of a magnesium substrate are provided. It is actual because fight against bacterial infections demands development of new materials and the medical equipment with antiseptic properties, and silver' nanoparticles – a well-known antibacterial material. Additives in electrolytes for microarc oxidizing of ultradisperse carbon in the form of graphite, carbon nanotubes and diamond also have considerable impact on structure, corrosion and protective properties and tribological characteristics. Significant improvement of properties of the MDO-coverings created in electrolytes-suspensions is noted.
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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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