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The device «Doctor INFITA» in the complex medical treatment of psycho-vegetative symptoms in patients with acute cerebrovascular accident


G.S. Markarov, A.Yu. Zaslavsky, Yu.S.Gelis, I.E. Kalenova, A.M. Howe, T.A. Liashenko, S.I. Shchukin

Acute cerebrovascular accident is often a disabling disease that is accompanied by psycho-vegetative disorders. In order to treat these patients at an early stage of the disease and prevent of their disability a search for innovative methods of apparatus therapy to improve the efficiency of rehabilitation of this population at the stationary phase in the early days of the disease is highly relevant. In connection with the increase of allergy population, poor tolerability of many drugs, the usage physical factors is of particular importance. To solve this problem the resonance physiotherapy device \"Doctor INFITA \"is used, which generates a pulsed low frequency electromagnetic field of 30-40 Hz, without thermal intensity (INEMP). The paper presents the results of the treatment in the main group of patients of acute cerebrovascular accident, when INEMP and the standard medical therapy where used for 2 control groups. In one control group only drug therapy identical to the main group was used. In the other control group the similar drug therapy, and pseudo-INEMP (placebo, the device \"Doctor INFITA\" was swithed off where used). The data of the control of brain biolelectrical activity by INEMP in the main group of patients and positive dynamics were associated with positive dynamics of psychosomatic indices, and improvement of neurohemodynamics (data of ultrasound dopplerography researches of the brain vessels and other investigation methods). The study showed a more pronounced dynamics of clinical and laboratory indices in the study of the main group in comparison with the control group where the effectiveness of treatment was significantly lower. The presented results of medical and technological innovation (the machine \"Dr. Infita\") for the first time allowed us to justify the effectiveness of the inclusion of low-frequency low-intensity pulsed resonance electromagnetic fields in the medical complex therapy of stroke at an early stage of hospital treatment in early stages of the disease.

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