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Methods of phased array antenna calibration


Y.V. Korotetskiy, A.M. Shitikov, V.V. Denisenko

Today, in connection with active development of PAA-based radar-tracking complexes, interest to methods of their calibration is growing, since calibration procedures are an integral part of PAA life cycle. It is accepted to understand estimation of complex characteristics of PAA channels, which are further used in beamforming algorithms, as calibration. In a large number of cases this characteristics generalized initial complex transfer factors of channels, defined for a situation when operated phase shift of the phaseshifter and gain of the attenuator are dumped in zero state. In this work the majority of known approaches to calibration of PAA are considered. Article is devised into four sections: formulation of calibration problem, methods of transfer factors direct measurements, switching algorithms, aspects of calibration methods applications. Last part provides an overview of channel’s electrical parameters shifts during in-flight work correction, mechanical distortions correction, calibration signal in-flight usage, multielement PAA calibration procedures. The question of initial complex transfer factors estimation accuracy is mentioned. Numbers of literature references are given. As a result of review, it’s marked that modern calibration methods are pointed on time save and in-flight operationing. On the other hand, questions of multielement PAA calibration seems to be not fully covered.

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