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Forming of a bearing monopulse circuit with accurate orientation of bearing null in case of amplitude errors presence in the aperture of phased array antenna


V.A. Kashin, A.E. Tumanskaya, A.A. Semenov

A new bearing monopulse circuit type is presented. This type is promising for active phased antenna array (AESA) with a dome lens. The circuit has the two outstanding features: firstly, digital beams forming; secondly, realization of a sum pattern, which is typical for the amplitude sum-difference method, and difference patterns, which are typical for amplitude-amplitude method. The total of these patters has the least side lobes compared to the patterns formed by using each of the methods mentioned above separately. The suggested bearing circuit is insensitive to the field\'s amplitude asymmetry on the AESA aperture with a dome lens caused by a plane wave traveled through the lens.
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