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Estimation of electric field strength space-time dependence of flat biconic antenna at pulse excitation


A.A. Volkov

An interest to pulsed electromagnet fields emission is supported by a number of applications. These include ultra-wideband radio links and radiolocation as well as functional defeat of radioelectronics means. Ultra-wideband planar biconic antennas are the promising type of radiators for these applications. Methods enabling to pursue estimation of field time dependence of plane biconic antennas in a predesigned watch point are absent in literature. These methods are needed, for example, for the tasks solution of functional defeat, where necessary to know peak value and pulse duration of electric field strength in a point disposition of defeatable radioelectronics mean. The work goal consists in a development of the methods of estimation space-time dependence of electric field strength of the flat biconic antenna in far radiation zone at the he r initiating pulse. For the task solution plane conic antenna radiator are considered in the form of continuous totality of dipole antennas equi-distributed in sector of radiator aperture and electric field strength of antenna is calculated on the principle of superposition – such as resultant of vectors of fields tension are creating each dipole antennas. Electric field strength of dipole antenna was determined on the basis of antenna model in the form of transmission line. Calculations of temporal dependences of tension field components for antenna constrained parameters, initiating pulse and observing point coordinates were performed per designed methods. Consequently it is established that field amplitude-time characteristics subject to duration of initiating pulse and direction on to watch point. Also it is established dependence of antenna directional antenna properties from the initiating pulse duration.
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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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