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Phase distributions of dome antenna with forced interception


V.I. Litun, V.N. Mitrokhin

Providing of ultra wide range electrical beam scanning is possible for planar array antenna (AA) by combining with passive divergent dome lens (DL, up to 3/2 of hemisphere [1]). Also DL can be used to protect AA elements from negative environmental conditions [2]. The dome antenna (DA) consists of primary AA (classical, active or digital) and passive DL (fig. 1). Discrete waveguide-based structure (fig. 2) is preferred for electrically big DA of upper cm-band and lower mm-band. Possibility of optimal DL shape approximation by a sphere is shown in [4]. That sphere\'s center is moved along the system axis from AA plane. The geometry of such quasi-optimal DA (fig. 3) can be described by: R – DL inner radius; h – center displacement value; L – DL thickness. Electrical characteristics of DA are scanning angle amplification factor (SAAF) K(θ) (which is the ratio of system\'s scanning angle to primary AA scanning angle) and primary AA phase.
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