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Frequency characteristics of printed disc monopole antenna


A.V. Uvarov

Current trend for miniaturization of wireless communication devices imposes more and more stringent restrictions on dimensions of the antennas. Printed monopole antenna with a transmitter in the form of a disk selected as sample for the research. The paper presents a numerical electromagnetic analysis of various configurations printed disc monopole antenna for wireless communication based on chaotic transceiver. The area of ground electrode of the antennas to be used for placing the transceiver circuit. It can significantly reduce the overall size of the device, but requires careful design, taking into account the electromagnetic compatibility. Different variation of ground electrode and influence on antenna performance was analyzed. The analogy to asymmetric dipole antenna and Vivaldi antennas was built. The analysis of frequency response resonance characteristics of the input impedance showed their affinity. Both a numerical electromagnetic analysis of selected types of antennas and experimental verification of the optimal configuration were accomplished during research and presented in the paper. Within experimental samples the ability to change the antenna bandwidth from 50% to 300% was demonstrated.
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