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Experiments on the transmission of UWB signals from sensors placed inside the vehicle


T.I. Mokhseni, A.I. Ryzhov, V.A. Lazarev, Yu.V. Andreyev

Possibility of using ultra-wideband (UWB) direct chaotic communication systems to create wireless communication channels inside commercial vehicles is investigated. For this purpose, propagation of signal from sensor with UWB direct chaotic transmitter placed inside the vehicle to receivers placed inside as well as outside the vehicle is studied. The measurements are made in two vehicles, BMW X6 and VAZ 2104. When transmitter is placed inside and receiver outside at the distance of 1 m from the vehicle, communication is stable in almost all cases. The path loss value added by the car (in comparison with the path loss in free space at the same distance) in the measured communication channels varies from – 6 to 14 dB. In the direction toward the back of the car the path loss is less than in other directions, which can be explained by a large number of metal parts under the car hood. Negative values of the added path loss mean that the signal attenuation is less than in free space. This might occur due to large number of metal parts inside the vehicle, which cause numerous reflections, so the signal propagation is anisotropic. As a whole, path loss of UWB chaotic signal by propagation through the body of VAZ 2104 is 6-10 dB more than in BMW X6, which might be explained by differences in design as well as in materials of these vehicles.
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