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Constructional design of devices for high power unipolar pulse amplitude control


A.A. Titov

Currently known devices for controlling pulse signals amplitude are designed for pulse power levels not exceeding 0,5…1 watt. To create a device controlling the amplitude of more powerful pulses it is proposed to use the property of a bipolar transistor to automatically restrict high-power pulsed signals. The specified property of a bipolar transistor is used in the construction of four schematic devices controlling the amplitude of high-power unipolar pulses with its parallel and serial inclusion in the transmission path. The features of the considered circuit solutions are described and recommendations for their selection and analysis of the known values are provided, i.e. the maximum amplitude of the pulse signal output voltage, and its internal resistance; the minimum value of the load resistance of the control device; the desired control band of the pulse signals amplitude at the output of the control device; the required pulse front transition time and the allowable emission for the pulse leading edge at the output of the considered devices. An example of using two of the considered control devices in the circuit of the microwave generator on the Gunn diode of 3A750G type, which provides a pulse output power of the working frequency range of 8…12 GHz equal to 25 W and which is intended to replace current magnetron generators, is given.
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May 29, 2020

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