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Modelling of characteristics of the antenna array of system of the radio communication with indemnification of hindrances in the strip of frequencies


V.N. Kolesnikov, S.E. Mishchenko, V.V. Shatsky, N.V. Shatsky

In the works of authors published earlier problem questions of construction of system of a radio communication with an antenna array in which indemnification method, in the conditions of influence of deliberate hindrances is realized have been considered. The presented researches are executed for a case when the useful signal and a hindrance had the fixed frequency. However practically any radio engineering system functions in a strip of frequencies. For the majority of modern systems of a radio communication, including satellite communication, this strip makes nearby ± (5 … 10) %. The antenna system consists of two aerials of compensatory channels (further: compensatory array), and an antenna array of the basic channel (the basic antenna array). Compensatory array are identical and essentially smaller number of radiators, than the basic antenna array has. The mathematical model includes expressions for pressure on exits of the first, second compensatory aerials, the basic array and on an exit of antenna system. Numerical researches in which course the size of the relation a signal/hindrance on an exit of a linear antenna array with indemnification of hindrances was estimated are conducted. Comparison with the similar antenna array raised in regular intervals, and with an antenna array for which the zero in a direction on a hindrance is generated at work in a strip of frequencies is spent. The linear antenna array consisting of 16 vibrators is considered. As compensatory arrays the radiators similar to radiators of an antenna array were used. These radiators are placed along a line parallel to the basic antenna array, on distance, (- length of a wave) is symmetric rather its phase center. At modeling it was considered that the reception system of a radio communication was influenced on the first lateral petal by a hindrance exceeding a useful signal on 20 dB. Frequencies useful and hindrance signal coincided. The similar configuration of an antenna array has been developed in the form of a breadboard model and presented as an exhibit at an exhibition of the industrial property \"Archimedes-2011\". Comparison of results of modeling has shown that peak-phase distribution on field of radiation of the aerial array, received at the decision of a problem of synthesis in a combination to a method of indemnification of hindrances, allows on frequencies from the central frequency to carry out scanning by a beam without essential change of characteristics of an antenna array. It is connected by that the behavior of lateral petals of the basic antenna array is correlated with change of characteristics of the compensatory aerial at frequency variations. Thus the size of the relation a signal/hindrance for all directions has grown from 30 to 60 times, or for any distribution of hindrances application of synthesis of the diagram of an orientation of compensatory antenna arrays taking into account behavior of lateral petals of the basic antenna array has provided a prize in a noise stability in comparison with existing systems.
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