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Influence of ultra-short pulses with big pulse time on low-noise GaAs MESFET functioning


A.M. Bobreshov, I.S. Korovchenko, U.N. Nesterenko, V.A. Stepkin, G.K. Uskov

Experiments on the study of the effects of performance failure of low-noise gallium arsenide field-effect transistors with a Schottky gate (MESFET) under the action of ultra-wideband (UWB) interference in the form of ultra-short electromagnetic pulses (USP) sub-nanosecond duration is observed. MESFETs are used in low-noise input microwave amplifiers, and are most vulnerable to noise radio receiver element tract. We investigated the effects caused by single or periodic sequences of USP with an extremely high duty cycle. Malfunction in experiments with the MESFET was determined by the deviations of the drain current with respect to the stationary values for USP effects on the input circuit of the transistor. Experiments have shown that exposure to a sequence of ultra-short pulses, as well as the impact of single pulses of high amplitude, causes long-term transients in the characteristics of drain current, which can last for many seconds. These transients are accompanied by the drift functional parameters of the MESFET. At the same effects under the action of pulses with tens volts amplitudes are usually reversible and rarely lead to transistor failure. Type transistor and the associated structural and electrical parameters of the instrument affect the qualitative and quantitative features of the transients. It is shown that the effect of a periodic sequence of ultra-short pulses in the FET has a cumulative effect, whereby a sequence can lead to a profound suppression of functional MESFET with a long recovery. The experiments showed that the cumulative effect occurs even when the intervals between pulses of the order of seconds. In this work the physical interpretation of the observed effects. These effects are associated with a change in the charge deep-level semi-insulating substrate MESFET arising due to the high pulse amplitudes. This change affects the spatial configuration of the space charge region of the interface between the active layer and the substrate and hence the conductivity of the transistor channel. The results show that at low time-average power of UWB interference, but with a high peak power, the effect of interference on narrowband receivers input stage GaAs MESFET-based can be quite large, up to the onset of reversible rejection radio with a long recovery. Thus, to address the issue of electromagnetic compatibility of UWB and narrowband systems is not enough to normalize the average power of UWB emitters must also take into account the peak performance of UWB radiation. The article contains 5 figures and 8 bibliographic information sources.
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