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Some laws of the projective theory of the inverse problems decision, defining limiting possibilities of resolution (super resolution) of separate dispersing elements of radar targets


А.А. Chizhov

In the previous works the projective method of the decision of inverse problems is proved. Article purpose - to receive dependences and to reveal the laws defining quality of the projective decision, and also to estimate degree of approach of resolution of a radar with projective processing of signals to a potential limit. In article the analytical dependences are resulted, allowing to estimate potential possibilities under the resolution of separate dispersing elements of the radar targets. The concept of P. Woodward function is generalised. The example considered in article specifies on high, coming nearer to potentially possible, efficiency of application of a projective multinet method of the decision of a inverse problem of dispersion in interests of the permission of separate disseminating elements from group structure in radar-location systems. Application of a projective method provides at SNR 13–20 dB increase of resolution of locators at 2–10 time rather Rayleigh limit. Higher indicators of efficiency of the permission probably to receive, applying multidimensional projective procedures (procedures of the permission separate рассеивателей on several parametres), and also at shared secondary processing (for example, Kalman filter). It is possible to consider as the basic lack of an offered method rather high computing expenses which are required at realisation multinet procedure of the task of a configuration of trial space, especially at the permission of the purposes on several parametres. However calculations in the specified procedure can be carried out in parallel, therefore at realisation of processing of signals, for example, on programmed logic integrated schemes after performance of the co-ordinated processing all calculations can be executed for a minimum quantity of steps.
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