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The extended ultra wideband signals processing in direction pattern electronic scanning radar


V.V. Abramenkov, O.V. Vasilchenko, A.P. Muravsky

The modern multimode multifunction radio-electronic systems should have the adaptive beam steering in a wide sector of angles coupled with wideband and ultra wideband (UWB) signals. The integration of advantages of fast wide-angle scan and ultra wideband signals properties will enable us to raise to a new level of qualitative development and to solve problems of timely detection, resolution and target recognition in the whole coverage area in complicated radar environment effectively. However, when a sounding signal spectrum is expanded and the beam deviates from the antenna axis, multiple increases of energy losses, detection range closing and significant radiated or received signal wave form distortion is viewed. As a result, instead of the expected new properties the most important tactical radar performance degradation takes place in terms of accuracy, resolution and electromagnetic vulnerability. The well-known methods of antenna arrays bandwidth expansion demands to go over to non-standard types of signals, using of controlled complex delay lines in channels of antenna array; the reasons make its practical implementation difficult significantly. As a result of the research the method of generation and space-time standard extended signals processing was synthesized in the form of linear frequency-modulated impulses. The method is based on the identification of patterns that occur due to the UWB signals generation and processing in antenna arrays and subsequent loss compensation and distortion in the array channels by taking into accounts the identified patterns. The method is justified analytically, verified by mathematical modeling and experimentally. The synthetic method can solve the problem of using of UWB signals in array of direction pattern electronic scanning radar.
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