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Design of CALS Systems. Part 3. Analytical modeling in contractor integrated product support systems with Mixed streams of expenditure, restoring and replenishment of inventories


I.N. Sinitsyn, A.S. Shalamov

The article proceeds the thematic series of papers dedicated to the design problems of stochastic CALS technologies and integtated product support systems. Systematic treatment of analytical modelling methods and algorithms based on nonlinear hybrid stochastic systems is given. Exact analytical methods and algorithms based on Fokker–Plank–Kolmogorov, Feller–Kolmogorov and Pugachev equations are considered. Approximate analytical methods and algorithms based on equvalent statistical linearization are presented. Special attention is paid to typical examples and applications.
  1. SHalamov A. S. Integrirovannaja logisticheskaja podderzhka naukoemkojj produkcii. M.: Universitetskaja kniga. 2008.
  2. Sinicyn I. N., SHalamov A. S. Proektirovanie SALS Sistem. Analiticheskoe modelirovanie integrirovannykh sistem posleprodazhnogo obsluzhivanija // Sistemy vysokojj dostupnosti, 2012. T. 8. Vyp. 4. S. 4-49.

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