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The problems of the commercial concession (franchising)


F.B. Manveladze

The questions on the association on the base of certain contractual basis of mixed forms of large and small businesses, in which large corporations have contracts with small businesses, «daughter» companies, businessmen to the right or a privilege to operate in a business on behalf of the franchisor. In this case, a small firm – the franchisee is required by the franchising agreement to do business only in a form that is prescribed by the franchisor – the parent company for some time. At the same time, the franchisor provides the franchisee (small firm) goods, technology, raw materials, etc., that is, all possible assistance in the business. According to the franchising agreement, a franchisor transfers to franchisees all the information necessary for the implementation of exclusive rights and commercial activities, and, in accordance with the law, provides necessary technical and commercial documentation.
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