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The prediction of signal strength in urban cities with irregular building height for CDMA mobile systems


O.V. Vibornov, S.V. Kozlov, E.A. Spirina, E.A. Petrova, E.V. Larin

The opportunity of signal strength prediction is the important part in design of mobile communication system. In city case, the signal propagation from transmitter to receiving point may come by straight wave, by diffraction, by dispersion and reflection from obstacles, so there is multiray propagation in the city. Different statistical signal strength prediction models are usually used to solve this task, but only several of them allows calculate rays parameters. Fumo Ikegami model, which was made for ideal city with regular height buildings, is one of them. This model tells that the sum of power of only two rays is enough to estimate the received signal strength, this rays are diffracted and reflected from nearest building. This article tells about the adequacy of overall using this model and using this model for random city, for Kazan. There is analysis of signal propagation for CDMA One mobile communication system for two districts of Kazan city, in this article. The conclusion of our researches is the adequacy of using only two rays, when we receive CDMA One signals with some precision, and usability of expressions for calculating the ray intensity with propagate attenuation on the path from transmitter to receiver.
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