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Simulating mutual disturbances under the conditions of space nuclear explosions


B.I. Semyonov, V.V. Tryokin

The asteroid-comet threat most probably can be caused as a result of encountering of the Earth with hazardous space objects with dimensions of tens and hundreds of meters which can be detected several days or weeks before encountering. The neutralizing of such objects under the conditions of acute shortage of time is possible in close proximity to the Earth only while using nuclear-missile technologies. The significance of assessing consequences of using nuclear weapon in the near space is conditioned by rather intensive geophysical effects and by variations in operating conditions of radio-electronic devices. The problems of simulating mutual disturbances under the conditions of space nuclear explosions are considered. New mechanisms of the long-distance propagation of radio-waves, which appear under these conditions, disturb frequency-territorial separation chosen for providing electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic means. It is shown that disturbances caused by the explosion, which are scattered by inhomogeneties at the altitudes (heights) of the E-layer, carry information on a boundary of the flying apart of explosion products.

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