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Influence of positively charged particles on the dynamics of relativistic electron flow


D.G. Kovtun, A.M. Khegay, A.G. Shein, D.L. Yeskin

Investigation of relativistic flows behavior in crossed fields is currently one of the least explored areas of electronics. However, a number of existing works in this field shows that the use of crossed fields can get such quality of streams and systems, which cannot be achieved in any system without external fields, or in applications with longitudinal fields. This explains the importance of researching of the problem. In solving this problem, we found that the propagation of a relativistic electron beam in crossed fields is not observed the formation of a virtual cathode, in contrast to the flow with longitudinal fields, and as a result, no reverse current. However, the use of crossed fields does not remove the fact that under influence of space-charge particles are scattered in the front of flow. Crossed fields primarily affect on changing in shape of flow in the direction of the external electric field, which is manifested as not diverging pulsating form of the flow but does not affect the form of this flow in the perpendicular plane. According to the results obtained in this work can be said that the introduction of the plasma with space charge low density in the interaction space can significantly narrow the divergence of the electron beam in the direction of external magnetic field and slightly influences on the shape of this beam in the direction coincides with the vector of external electric field.

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