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The optical signals distortion by traces «Terra-Space»


V.P. Busigin, N.G. Busigina, Yu.P. Vagin, I.Yu. Kuzmina, K.S. Mozgov, Yu.V. Puzanov, L.S. Chudnovskii

It is shown that the maximum time of the optical pulse, being one of the most important informative signs of the optical source class, can change significantly in the process of the radiation translation from the lower layers of the atmosphere to the near space. The time shifting of the signal maximum registered on board of the spacecraft relative to the time of maximum of the original impulse depending on the form of the latter, the geometric scheme of registration and the optical regime of the atmosphere can vary from few to tens of microseconds. In particular, at cloud layer optical thicknesses 0 = 60 the time displacement of the maximum is 57 and 45 µs respectively for the initial impulses times of maximum 85 and 850 µs.

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