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Effective data representation in optical-electronic video systems


A.A. Babaev

The article is related to effective data representation in measuring optical-electronic systems. A new lossless algorithm having an increased speed in comparison with existing algorithms is proposed. The algorithm differs from others – the Lossless Median Predictor (LMP) and the block of High-Speed Coding (HSC). Results of the proposed algorithm investigation for speed and compression factors are compared to characteristics of already existing algorithms. ALMA has surpassed the speed JPEG-LS more than 2 times, CALIC more than 6.5 times. For the standard test set ISO/IEC 10918-1 proposed predictor results are by 1.3% better than the MED, but worse than GAP (by 0.8%). The prediction block uses four neighboring pixels to predict. The block High-Speed Coding (HSC) uses two tables and an adaptive Golomb code. The first table has a size of 1024 words, and the second – 32 words, where are the bit data after the prediction.

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