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Algorithm of detection of space objects for optoelectronic systems with large-format CCD-sensors


A.O. Konoplev, Yu.P. Shumilov

In the goals of space survey there is always an actual question of the observation stations limiting magnitude growth. At the same time with the increase of telescopes apertures, the use of cameras with lesser noise and larger quantum efficiency we can rise the limiting magnitude by using more effective observation strategies and data processing algorithms. The methodology of weak images detection realization algorithm of space objects on the series of a great number of CCD frames is offered on the basis of which the optimum algorithm lies. The relationship formula of background-target environment characteristics, detection characteristics and the necessary quantity of frames is given. With the help of the given relationship, giving the background-target environment characteristics and detection characteristics, we can determine the necessary quantity of frames. Or we can define the minimal level of the signal, which can be detected in the given quantity of frames. The requirements for the algorithm functioning are given. At present on the basis of the developed algorithm the software is being created.

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