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Low-voltage field emission from carbon nanotube cathodes


G.G. Кosakovskii, Yu.I. Latyshev, E.V. Blagov, Z.Ya. Kosakovskaya, A.P. Orlov, A.M. Smolovich

Emission properties of nanodiodes with carbon nanotube cathode are studied with low meanings of voltages applied between anode and carbon nanotube cathode. It is shown that significant influence on value of field emission current is rendered character of contact of quasi-1D carbon nanotube cathode with 3D electrode of external electric circuit. Also it is shown that Friedel oscillations of charge density can appear near contact in nanocathode inhibitory conductance of carbon nanotube cathode. It is shown that observed field emission in the experiment with the change of polarity may be the result of finding the anode in the field of pointed nanocathode.

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