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Algorithm of optimal blanking and suppresionfor provide the electromagnetic compatibility of the aviationintegrated REE


A.V. Vasilyev, A.G. Teterukov, V.B. Grebennikov

The main difficultieswhich are arising at provide an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of aviation integrated radioelectronic equipment (REE), are linked with so-called «out-of-fuselage» EMC. It is stipulated by presence as a part of REE a numerous of radioelectronic units (RTU) and the appropriate aerials working in a broad band of frequencies. Harmful interaction interference of these RTU, resulting interantenna spurious links, can be not always prevented at the expense of the space offset of aerials, frequency and/or structural selection of signals. There is a necessity of blanking of suppressed receivers (RCV) and/or suppressionof unwanted transmitters (TMT), that will lead to decrease ofeffectiveness, as separate RTU’s, and REEin whole. The solution of application of blanking and/or suppression should be received by criterion of a minimum of losses of effectiveness REEconcerning to its structure, an implemented mode and the solved task, and also priorities of RTU used for the solution of a task in view. For obtaining of required algorithm of optimal blanking/suppressionfunctions and arrayshave been determined, allowing to present features of operation of integrated REE: function of a current mode, a tag of TMT activity on transmitting, a tag of RCVactivity on reception, matrix function of the resolution of conflicts of RTU and others. The expressions characterising conditions of distribution of commands onRCV blanking and TMT suppresion are gained. Crossconnections between ports ofblanking and suppresion are displayed. The loss function which minimisation matches to optimal blanking/suppression is offered. The practical instance is observed. The literature list contains 5 names.
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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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