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Strategic planning with roadmap master in knowledge base «Structural Nanomaterials»


V.N. Polyakov, V.V. Ivanov, A.D. Ponomarev, Yu.O. Krasilnikova

BKNano, a prototype of a Forecasting and research management system, was developed in 2011 to provide an informational basis for organizations participating in Russian National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network. The system is based on a novel nanomaterial research ontology available for download on project’s website, which also hosts a variety of tools for managing, filtrating and generating content related to nanomaterial science. The article describes the most important steps of designing BKNano, its main functions, that include normal and inverse querying into the database, generating forecasts and building technology roadmaps based on those forecasts. Also discussed are some questions of information extraction and natural language processing related to projects current objectives.

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