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Structure of SiC and C nano-sized films on Si substrates synthesised by magnetron and ion-beam target sputtering


I.K. Beysembetov, K.Kh. Nusupov, N.B. Beysenkhanov, S.K.Zharikov, B.K. Kenzhaliev, T.K. Akhmetov, R. Ivlev

It is studied the structure of nano-sized diamond-like carbon films on silicon surface with the density 3,3 g/cm3 and surface roughness 1,5 m obtained by graphite magnetron sputtering, and β-SiC films synthesized by ion-beam sputtering of two-component silicon/graphite target. The presence of sharp film-substrate interface allows one to study composition, density, and thickness of C and SiC film with the use of X-ray reflectometry for spectral lines CuKα (0,154 nm) and CuKβ (0,139 nm). Numerical simulation is also performed, the results obtained fit the experimental data.
May 29, 2020

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