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The effect of alloying by lanthanum on the structure of PZT films


O.M. Zhigalina, D.N. Khmelenin, N.M. Kotova, J.A. Shestakova, K.A. Vorotilov, A.S. Sigov. N.B. Dyakonova

PLZT thin films Pb (1–x) Laх (Zr0.48 Ti0.52), where x = 0,02, 0, 05, and 0.08 with15 mol.% PbO excess (to compensate the loss during high temperature annealing) obtained by chemical solution deposition were investigated by transmission electron microscopy and X-ray analysis. Films were deposited on the substrate Si-SiO2-TiO2-Pt and annealed at T = 650 ºC to form the crystalline state. It is shown that La doping in a amount of 2 mol.% does not change the phase composition of the films annealed at T = 650 ºC. With increasing content of La to 5mol.% it was observed a pyrochlore phase, a tendency to grain refinement of a perovskite phase and weakening of the {100} perovskite orientation. At a 8 mol.% La concentration a pyrochlore phase volume increased significantly, despite of a rather high temperature annealing. Thus, the doping of La increases the temperature of the pyrochlore-perovskite transformation compared with PZT films, which should be considered for choice of the optimal temperature of crystallization.
May 29, 2020

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