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Photo-stimulated transformations of nano-sized films of tungsten (VI) oxide


S.V. Been, E.P. Surovoy, A.A. Sukhorukova, T.M. Zaikonnikova

There are investigated experimentally the processes of transformation of tungsten oxide 2…250 nm thick films under the light beam irradiation with 320 nm wave length and the intensity (1,5…7)1015 quants sm–2s–1. If the wave length lies in the region of self-absorption, the transformation ratio decreases with increasing film thickness, and the photo-chemical transformation rate increases with increasing intensity of light beam. In the air the film transformation ratio increases substantially under light irradiation during 1…140 minutes and also with decreasing film thickness. It is shown that nonequilibrium electrons may contribute to the process of W6+ reduction and interact with anion vacancies. A shift of the absorption band edge to the short wave length spectrum region under light with 850 nm wave length is detected.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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