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The small-sized narrowly targeted antenna on the basis of layered 3D-metamaterial


V.G. Veselago, A.V. Kapustyan, I.Y. Bredikhin, A.V. Adghibekov, A.A. Zhukov, A.S. Korpukhin

Work is devoted to application layered 3D-metamaterial made on technologies of microsystem equipment (MST-technology), in small-sized narrowly targeted antennas. Computer modeling is carried out, the small-sized narrowly targeted antenna with addition layered 3D-metamaterial, working at a frequency of 20 GHz is developed and made. The way of production layered 3D-metamaterial based on a combination of methods of machining and thin-film technology is presented. Experimental results which confirmed effect of narrowing of the directional pattern of the small-sized narrowly targeted antenna by 2,1 times at increase in factor of a standing wave on 0,35 are received.

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